iMac Pro or high end PC

Hi all, I’ve been toying with the idea of the new iMac Pro as a poss nice to have for SKP using VRAY. What are your thoughts? I’m looking as I have an opportunity to get a new computer poss’ budget 4-6K. I’ve seen a lot of threads concluding the PC being best route.

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts or steer.


In practice, they are all just as good as their pilot and their software.

Also it’s not wise to ask superficial questions in an online forum (not even differentiating concepts of hardware and operating system). “Best” is not a one-dimensional but a multi-dimensional optimization problem that has not a single solution. Analyze your personal needs (only you know them), define objective requirements and your personal priorities, evaluate and rank the offers by these priorities.

iMac Pro: OK spec, ridiculously expensive.

It is difficult question to answer without knowing your requirements and working practices. One is not better than the other, one may suit YOU better than another. If your entire workflow is Mac based it may be incredibly expensive to change to a windows based workflow in software costs alone albeit on cheaper hardware.
It might be cheaper to buy an iMac pro and save on software. You may not WANT a windows based workflow.

I have always used a Mac based workflow and am old enough and stubborn enough not to want to change. However, budgets are a harsh reality so compromise is inevitable, whatever the platform.
I’ve had to compromise recently by building a hackintosh to give me an awesome bit of hardware that you just can’t buy in a Mac at any price (yet) but I stilll run macOS on it and my workflow. My compromise is the support and carefull management of system software, I can’t just use software update. But that SUITS me. Would I like an iMac pro (or Mac Pro when it finally arrives)? absolutely ! They are glorious pieces of kit. Can I afford one? No :0(

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