I'm glad we still have classic license!

In this time of crisis I can use my software that I bought and not to worry how to pay the subscription fees!


I hear you, I’ve been preaching this every chance I get ever since the whole subscription / SaaS idea came into being. Imagine not being able to pay the sub, and then finding that you now can’t earn with the tools you rely on.

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As has been put starkly on show with our current predicament, we don’t live in a perfect world.

For me buying when I CAN AFFORD and I REALLY NEED is a common scene that we really start to lose! “Only 5$” a month is another way to live beyond our abilities - and we all see how this is so exhausting. And this is just the beginning - the next stage is cloud only software - the vendors will have the full control ! IoT is another step in this direction - any device will have a software that needs “update” to continue working and a subscription to continue “updating”!

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