I'm back but everythings changed

Hi All I am glad to say I’m back but it seems it’s sort of changed a lot I used to have the program on my computer now it’s all online is there a way to get the old program on my computer as I did have the pro version.

Thank you

If you still have the serial# of your Pro version that sure would be possible.
It depends which version of Pro you had where to get it…
SketchUp Products | Shop, Pro, Studio, and More (at the bottom of that page you can enter your serial)
If that doesn’t work you could try Download-Center - SketchUp Pro
That website is in German, but they also keep the English versions in their archive.

hmmm I wonder if I could get my seriall from my profile somewhere

Your serial number isn’t contained in this forum in any way. But somebody at Trimble Customer support (@colin?) may be able to look it up for you.

I had found his serial number and sent it along earlier. Things are working now.


Thanks again Colin now I need a refund. I purchased. the SketchUp Go, Annual Plan but now I don’t need it,. do you know who I can contact

You should update your forum profile with the correct information.

Start on this page: