Iframe in Webdialog does not work for google map?


I have a local html which has a iframe link to a location in google map, I use set_url to link it into Webdialog, will it doesn’t work. However, when I change it to some other websites, some of them works, so doesn’t either. Any one knows why?


Maybe Google Maps does not work in webdialogs? Google Maps often requires a modern browser, unfortunately the web viewing component of Windows (which I assume you use) defaults to the document mode of very old Internet Explorer versions (IE8). Unfortunately SketchUp has no influence to use a different modern browser in webdialogs.
It could be useful to know your operating system version and Internet Explorer/(Safari on OS X) version.

You can try to force Windows’ web viewing component to use the latest installed Internet Explorer document mode (edge).

You should also get better debugging tools for webdialogs to see what’s wrong and if there are actual errors that you didn’t notice. There are various ways like loading Firebug into your webdialog or re-routing JavaScript error messages to the Ruby Console using an WebDialog action_callback.