IFC to Layer Plugin

Hello this is one of my first plugin for Sketchup,

V1.2 add speed improvement for large model
Work very fast on SU2017 / in SU2016 can’t do it for very big model …

V1.2Vico_Ifc.rbz (3,3 Ko)

Extension->IFC to Layer

It does two things:

  1. Put all ifc component in the good Layer.
  2. Reset all the component axis to the center of the box.

The next step 'll be to inspect the identical component and give them the same définition (like the tom-tom plugin : http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=30143#p264517 )

I use my own Layer name, It’s base on IFC format :
sorry i’m french :slight_smile:



Construction Parts
C-Men extérieure

Thanks! How can I change the syntax so it it makes the same layernames as the IFC has?

Hello, you can open the file Vico_ifc.rb in the plugin directory and change the layer name directly in the plugin between line 203 and 217 :

				when "IfcWall" then "C-Murs"
				when "IfcWallStandardCase" then "C-Murs"
				when "IfcDoor" then "C-Men interieure"
				when "IfcSpace" then "I-Space"
				when "IfcSlab" then "C-Dalle"
				when "IfcCurtainWall" then "C-Men exterieure"
				when "IfcWindow" then "C-Men exterieure"
				when "IfcBuildingElementProxy" then "C-Divers"
				when "IfcFurnishingElement" then "C-Mobilier"
				when "IfcStair" then "C-Dalle"
				when "IfcBeam" then "C-Charpente"
				when "IfcColumn" then "C-Murs"
				when "IfcBuildingStorey" then "B-"
				else "layer0" 

Sorry if it’s not easy to configure it for the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick answer!
I was trying to figure out a code which would copy the IFC layer names in the file to a SketchUp layers, whatever the layer name may be. I’m not an expert, so I probably have to dive into the code.