IFC questions

Hello I have a few questions about IFC and can’t find the answer anywhere. Please help me out. Thank you in advance.

  1. Is the IFC2x3 standard that SketchUp offers, the standard according to BuildingSMART | ISO 16757 or is there another difference here?

  2. Is the IFC exchange possible without additional plug-ins?

  3. Which data can be exported via IFC? Can further information such as color or surface [wood, stone] be exported in a BIM-capable manner about the geometry of the building that we modeled in SketchUp?

Start here:

Thank you but after reading it doesn’t help me at all with my questions. I need to know specifically about SketchUp capabilities and that link doesn’t have the answers at all to what I’ve asked.

yes, the IFC2x3 classification XML is according to that standard, you can create your own, too, or import the IFC2x4, for instance through [menu]Window->Model Info->Classifications->Import

yes, but not complete

Only top level info (IFCBeam, IFCWall, etc.) from the IFC2x3, even if you loaded some other or added some info.
Hence you will need additional extensions like mentioned in the thread.

Thank you. Now you clearly helped me. See, for someone that is still trying to understand the possibilities I got lost in all of that. Is there a way for me to find out what is the limitations of the IFC exchange and what plug-ins should I get to better this limitation?

Thank you.

Edit: At this point, I was still reading and re-reading the post you linked and trying to pick up the info.