IFC import to / export from SketchUp Pro

I think that Trimble will do mirror actions of its main competitors.
If I’m not mistaken, the Trimble and Autodesk stakes are in the same hands. They won’t make things difficult for themselves.
Considering that Sketchup and Revit work on 1 processor core, their days are numbered.
Corporations will take all measures not to release new software on the market that will compete with Revit or Sketchup.

At the moment, data exchange between Tekla and Sketchup is implemented by third-party plugins. I didn’t fully understand the process, and hadn’t worked with BIM much before.
But I am studying.

Who knows? The Intel Pentium processor was released in 1992 or 1994. It was the first model that supported multiprocessor motherboards. Autodesk issued a white paper where they promised an imminent release of multiprocessor support in the 3DS Max modeller. The world is still waiting. Non-realtime things like rendering can be split, but it seems that modelling cannot. There are no multithreaded modellers.

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Everything I say next is unverified information.
When communicating with the community and developers since the days when Sketchup was owned by Google. I talked on this topic and collected information bit by bit.
SketchUp allows you to create a model inside yourself with a different core. Approximately like a cloud of points. This gives some possibilities.
Transferring it to a multi-core processor is the creation of a new program, most likely it will destroy all the work of plug-in developers and much more. Does it make sense if there is no competitor working on the support of many cores.
For example, Z Brush abandoned the idea of ​​3d in the classical sense, and made 13 out of 16 cycles - respectively, reducing the load on the CPU by 3 cycles.
I’m sure the best Trimble staff will work on the product that makes the most money. I think Tekla is showing great results and we won’t see anything new for a long time. Marketing tricks - yes. There is only hope for good plugin developers.