If you want to know why Sketchup and Layout seem/are stalled, read Trimble's annual corporate report


It was actually a serious question to William.

On this forum, William has – on and off – been bemoaning the performance, particularly of Layout, for a number of years now.

I can understand that having invested time and money in SketchUp > Layout, one is reluctant to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Like waiting for a bus – you wait, and wait, and wait and then you think perhaps I’ll start walking – but you think that if you start walking the bus will turn up and you will miss it.

If – as it seems – one’s confidence in Trimble to resource SketchUp is low, at what point do you say to yourself “enough is enough, I’ll take up that 90 day Rhino free trial and give it a go”.

It always seem to be a strange fit for the company, like they treat it as an after thought. Could be the advent of AI, they are totally overhauling it? AI is going to change a lot of how everyone does business!

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I mean Layout can’t be that bad. I just finished 20 detail sheets for two custom homes over the past 3 days…240 details…


Wasn’t it Mies who said

“When it comes to Tahoe McMansions, Joel Osteen is in the Details.”?