If SU2024 had only one thing new/fixed about it, what would you want?

Not sure about the group but I’d like to have some image visibility controls when I insert an image as an image and not a texture. Much like one can do in AutoCAD. Sure I can do it in a graphics program but inserting but it’d be nice to have some adjustability in SU.

I would like to get the scenes system overhauled similar to how tags were redone a few years ago.

It’s a problem when scenes go way past the screen boundary and a management nightmare currently.

Scenes should be able to be set into distinct groups/folders for different use cases such as for (not a complete list - just showing concept):
client demo/presentation
scenes per level/floor
working scenes

I could see the scene bar at top turned into column dropdowns per category when clicked on… And sometimes maybe even completely hidden say for such as client demos not wanting to show the working scenes or documentation scenes. Maybe only some categories show when in presentation mode on ipad etc.

Scenes should be allowed into multiple categories (same for tags actually. We should be able to give multiple tags per object as well)


I also have a wierd one now that I think about it.

I would like to not have to create an entirely new section cut to see in reverse direction. I would prefer to have it set by the scene on which direction it’s viewing. Currently, if I change the direction for a section cut then it breaks all my scenes using the other direction… So I need to create 2 sections to see both directions from the same cut space.


Multiple Section Fills!!! Let us assign more than one fill to a section cut, and let that fill be a material, not just a color.
This could be easily done by creating a Section Cut Fill column in Tags. That seems simplest, or perhaps each group or component could be assigned a Section Cut Fill? There are many ways to make it work.
Just imagine how delightful (and fast!) it would be to automatically make beautiful section cuts and construction details - without manually drawing the section or detail as its own Sketchup object.

(Yes, I know this is a long-running request, and yes I know about the Curic and Skalp plug-ins. They do not do this, they automate the work-around we use now, which is to assign materials and colors to section cut geometry that exists as its own group or component.)


There kind of is one: At the left of the scene list is a button with a magnifying glass icon. Clicking on that produces a drop down for the scenes you have.

I agree that having them separate isnt a problem. It would be nice if simple things like how tags are organized its not a big deal but they are " alphabetized" one way in SU and are different in Layout. I love how a few versions ago Layout gained the ability to manipulate view ports. It takes fewer SU scenes. As an example I can make an Isometric view port out of a Ortho Plan view within layout. Features along those lines have brought the Apps closer together. I suppose its a separate thread but I would like to have Layout view ports look more like SU scenes. I havent figured out how to get line quality to pass through the same yet. This happens with things like sketchy edges and render type styles. I tried an Ambient Occlusion scene and It didnt really look right in Layout. Im sure I have more to learn about style setting to improve this.

This is not a way to manage scenes. It’s simply a dropdown list of all the scenes or a way to search your scenes. You can also scroll your mouse over the scene bar to scroll left or right into the scenes but it doesn’t allow one to manage scenes for specific purposes. It could and should be better.

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I do not disagree. Obviously, I misunderstood your complaint, thinking you were disgruntled at the awkwardness of the scene index. And I wasn’t aware of the mouse wheel scrolling feature. Thanks for pointing that out.

So we have THREE ways of looking for a particular scene, TWO ways of managing what’s in them, and no good way to manage what they do other than lengthy descriptive scene names. Clearly, some kind of functionality similar to how tags are arranged in folders and sub folders would be nice here as well.

Indeed. But this is the way of many things in SketchUp and Layout. As I’ve been so often scolded: “Get used to it; that’s the way SketchUp is,” or “Try this handy dandy work-around or that one.”

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I certainly would like it on their radar as an attack avenue of improving the product! I don’t think it would be that hard to implement as well. I’ve done similar stuff in powershell and I’m no coder.