If statement "greater than less then"

Hi, I am unable to figure out how to write an IF function with a few “greater than less then”.

This is simplified example of what I am trying to achieve here:

When the length of an object is 10<LenX<20, and 50<Lenx<60, the copies are equal to 1, else it is equal to 2.
I manage to make this work with one “greater than less then” only:
Copies= IF(Lenx>10,IF(LenX<20,1,2),2)
What would be the correct protocol for a few of them?

Thank you for any suggestions

; inbetween two statements or something with elseif ?

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= if(and(LenX>10,lenx<20)),1,2)

= if(or(and(LenX>10,lenx<20),and(LenX>50,lenx<60)),1,2)
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Worked like a charm!