IESVE Extension: Can't identify rooms... error msg ... please help

this error message suddenly started popping out. None of my other sketchup model has errors. Only happening to this particular sketchup model.

copy your model to a new file, sometimes it works.

yea it works but it just worked once for me … can’t do it again

That looks to be coming from an extension. What is “Phase 2: Finding Room” window in the screenshot? Does that belong to an extension that was running when you got the error?

In which case you probably want to contact the developer of the extension and report the issue.

I am running the iesve extension … to export we have first identify rooms. But for some reason I am not able to.

@Geo can you help ???

I would recommend you contact support for IESVE extension. That error is coming from that extension, not SketchUp itself.