IDK Compilation

Added a “Create Grid as Group” option and a “Delete Selected Faces” button.

Quick sketch to create contour lines.

Quickly get rid of faces to get ready for contour generation.

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Trying to improve the UI. Changed to icons for buttons.

Grid Generator Settings now in drop down. Options for Imperial or Metric, create as group, with either guides, guide points or both.

Added a cursor icon and a highlighted active state for the Selection Tool button.

Added file selection and swap with icons.

New extension: MoveToPosition

Activate with toolbar button. Select position. Prompt displaying position. Then select component or group to be moved to the position.

Tried making view draw ‘targets’ to show the selected move-to position.

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Tried alternative to MoveToPosition, CopyToPosition. One component or group is copied to each selected position.

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PointToPoint toolbar button. Select group/component, then select a point to move it to.

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A Gizmo for no reason… could not get it to work with onLButtonDown alone because of some funny business with the right mouse button. Thanks @dezmo for the getMenu example!

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Added 3D Grid options:

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Scene Tools/Thumbnail trouble: