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I’ll take your -and ateliernab’s- advice and keep this topic on extensions.

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Rename a Group in a Group with a name prompt.

Select a group containing a group.

Press button to enter a name for the group.

In this example the Group in “Rectangles and Circles” will be named, “Rectangles”.

The subgroup is now named, “Rectangles”.

Edit later for code…

A Component Browser:

Many versions in on this wrestling match. Basic functionality but not where I want it to be yet.

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Component Browser V2, (‘Dark Mode’, CSV export):

CSV for individual folders only…

Trying out multiple html files/pages in Html Dialogs and modifying transform info. Behold the 3 input field position changer:

Continued from here: Draping long components across landscape, including rotation to account for changing terrain elevation? - SketchUp - SketchUp Community

Removed Html Dialog and went back to prompt.

Working on z offset:

Z offset with footings:

May try to drape panels with rotation but hold footings plumb.

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An Attribute Manager with visibility toggling:


Looks like a good substitute/replacement for “multi-tag” (at least until it’s native). :+1:

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I saw some discussion about that so I tried making one. There are a few glitches with how the attributes toggle visibility and with toggling visibility of nested and tagged/attributed groups/components. I need to look at scenes more. Since I don’t use them much I don’t understand how they might be better used together.

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I saw that discussion in the forum, I also watched a little ConDoc Tools video (excellent work), I know that there is another multi-tag extension, and probably if in the future SketchUp will natively add multi tag and pie menu (which already exists for iPad), the improvement will be excellent.

But the appearance of this extension of yours will be very useful.

I read those and watched that as well. For now I’m just playing with options. But I might try to ask or conceptualize what people want out of multiple attributes to try to make something useful.

Getting rid of nested groups to be able to organize and visualize a building will be very useful.

Group groups, group visibility and visibility by attribute:

Hmm - I see that some people don’t like nesting too much. But to my way of thinking it’s natural.

Why would you like to use tags/attributes? How would you like to use tags/attributes?

I will think of an adequate and useful answer, but I need to document myself a bit first. Now that the appearance of this possibility of not needing nested groups seems palpable… :slight_smile:

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Even if I use Curic Drawing Tools and it is not necessary to make at least two clicks for each grouping level to be able to modify an element, it is much more useful to be able to “group/tag” the elements of a level of a construction (who already each have a tag - interior walls, exteriors, windows, doors, furniture, rooms, etc…) just by adding a second tag/attribute, which positions them as being part of a certain level (floor 1, etc…), instead of I group them and assign a tag “floor 1” to that group. And further, if those elements are part of the outside of the building or inside it. And so on.

I’ll think about this and see if I can come up with anything useful. Do you have an example file?


A timber wall in a loft conversion might be Level 3 > Walls > External > New.

Curic’s DIO2 helps greatly for editing deeply nested objects but if I want to move deeply nested objects I need to drill down the groups.

Curic’s latest Select++ helps selecting deep nested objects.

IDK… I’m quite used to this workflow – I think reducing the nesting would be good overall.

I have, but I will create a new simple model for exemplification, to which I will translate the names of the tags in English to be more useful.

The idea is to have a single level of grouping, but a lot of possibilities to show the respective elements in different configurations.

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Hello @PaulMcAlenan - it was your commentary that I was reading when I decided to try making the attribute extension.

I’m aware of Curic’s nice extensions but will have to take a closer look…

My take-away for now is that there is a need for reduced nesting.

I do know from messing around that it may be a bit of a tussle to display multiply-attributed groups and components. E.g., visibility toggle mismatch. I’ll post of video of the problem.

If you have attribute visibility toggling do you still want to use tags/tags panel? Should attribute visibility work in conjunction with group visibility toggling?

  • I was using '23 but now back to '22, so that’s what I’m testing on. The icons, too many clicks to get into and name groups…
And note again

** I believe I saw your work featured in an SU blog? I liked it. I recently did a remodel trying to get a more modern/clean style similar to it.

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