I'd like to reduce poly

Hi all !!!
Here is a drawing i have made. I was wandering if someone could tell me if he detects bad practice or something that make my drawing higher poly than it should be.

Thank a lot !


Yes. You do need to reduce the number of entities. For a model like yours, 2030 entities in one seat cushion is excessive. If the model was about the chair, it’s not so bad.

I think this model would be an excellent candidate for Skimp

You also have a lot of reversed faces that need to be fixed.

Your chair arrangement is kind of odd. Why are they set out like that?

Hi Dave !!!
Yes, without the tables, it is weird tables placement…
Thanks a lot !


Wow ! That SKIMP plugin looks amazing !
But it is not out yet ? Is it ?

Have a good day !


The web site says it’ll be out this month. I’d guess it’ll be soon.

OK !
And thanks so much for all you bring to this community !


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Be aware that the speaker chain link in your model may be giving you the largest issue.


In the meantime you might consider using the soften/smooth function to get a decent rounded look from afar on a much lower poly count. Especially if this model is for visual presentation and you don’t intend to manufacture those specific seat cushions then the extra detail is just slowing you down.

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