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I had another go with SubD to try something more with the octopus type idea. This one has strange protruding eyes just for trial purpose and suckers on the tentacles.

I learned a lot with this one, especially not to draw circles for SuBD where possible. I initially drew circles for the suckers and my computer didn’t take it very well when I used SubD on it. I went back and replaced the circles with rectangular shapes instead, they worked much better.
I also painfully found that if you texture a non-SubD face, the texturing is lost when you apply SubD and so have to apply it again, Unless I did it wrong.

This is the initial model before SubD, its the same process as my last post really, just with more detail added. I put some articulation in the legs this time too…

Two increments of SubD and it took good shape, the suckers turned out really well…

A render with just a plain texture, you can see the white of some of the suckers too…

I accidentally found out that a marble procedural texture looks a bit like mud, so I did a render with that too…


SubD is something I need to get my head around and try. Really liking these.


I see stuff from Cotty and Box all the time that looks really good. I just went and bought it from “The Evil Software Empire” (which were an odd transaction) for 32 quid. There is a free trial too.

It’s simple to use really, you just have to kinda think “what’s roughly that shape, but a squared version” and model that. SubD takes care of the rest. You can go back and adjust the original at any time too which is good. It’s a nice tool to have.


@IanT the material shouldn’t go away when you SUBD. That is one of highlights, it is uv mapped. I’m on my phone at the moment so can’t shoe you what I mean. But make sure you paint the faces not the group.


@IanT: nice result! Next step is to try to use only quads for modeling to get an even smoother result…


This has been bugging me all day why that happened, I did find it strange and I am glad it isn’t the norm. When I think back, the texture were kept when I applied SUBD and were actually lost when I turned SUBD off to make some further adjustments. At first I just thought it were taking a little time, but nothing happened. I then thought “shaded with textures” weren’t checked, but that were fine.

At that time it were the “circle sucker” version that were bringing death to my system, so I were having trouble that way too. But I don’t think that had much to do with it, I did however redo it for a square sucker one, I thought it would be quicker than trying to remove all those circular parts.

I now see that the current “square sucker” version, does in fact retain the material when SUBD is turned back off, I didn’t want to try it again yesterday. (Colours definitely applied to faces in this one).

Left to right…Before SUBD/With SUBD/SUBD turned back off…The “colours” remain…(phew)

I must have got the orange material applied wrongly somehow in the first one as you suggest, I guess I’ll never know though. But I probably got it

Another attempt just to make sure, materials retained too after turning back off…


A little practise exercise using “Split Tools” to help break up faces into quads for a smoother result with SUBD…




I take it Split Tools is a separate plugin from SubD?


Last night, I watched a great tutorial on Quad Modelling by Aaron, from last years Basecamp. Was really good.



Yes it is, this stuff is all new to me so I thought I’d share a little of my goings on as I go. The whole quad modelling/ SubD stuff seems like some sort of wizardry to me, but I thought I’d start to try to understand a little at least.


That’s what I’ve been watching too, I found it really interesting.


My next one to buy I think.


Thanks for the link - I had been looking for Split tools in the extension warehouse with no luck.


As an addition to your example: with the last line, you’ve created an internal face, here you can see the difference with or without that face…
(Edit: You can get the same result without the face but with using the crease tool of SubD.)


After a little research I’ve managed to create something that contains only quads that resembles a stool kind of shape. After realising what were required to do that, the plot thickened and I ended up using Quad Face Tools and Vertex Tools to help along the way. It isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s a start…


I’ve been involved in and heavily inspired by some of the stuff going on in Out of the Box lately, mainly involving spirals of sorts and the True Bend extension.

Although Spirix is more than capable, I thought I’d attempt a 360 deg helix with the “True Bend” and Curve Maker" extensions to see how that panned out. The main difficulty I had were getting the ends to align with Follow Me. I couldn’t get a perfect result whichever way I seemed to try and ended up manually fixing the join using the Line tool and softening the edges.

It was only fractionally out and I suppose you would never notice without having a really close look. Things like that do bug me though, I’ve attached a file with an explanation for anyone that’s interested or has any thoughts…



A few SUBD dice renders, I applied 0.10 crease factor to all the edges to hold the cube a little more square…


A few more SUBD concept dice thrown on the table.

Quite amusing, I were just sat back waiting for the second render to finish and my daughter walked over. “Why has that dice got 7 spots on one side?” she asked. “That’s a good question, a very good question” I replied!

I’ve been making 7 spots and copying them to all the faces, then just deleting the spots not required for the side. Then forgot to delete the middle one for the six side, talk about “dicing” with embarrassment. Problem solved. (phew)


My son came home with this from school a couple of weeks ago, I’d never seen one before, but for games that use 2 dice this is a great idea.


Making music with SketchUp 2019.

While doing this I suddenly realised that scenes can now be renamed by the context menu on the scene tabs. A little feature I’ve always thought would be useful.