I would like to have a new SketchUp Make

The reason why I would like to have a new free desktop SketchUp is because I don’t want to pay to upload, modify, and export 3d models. I don’t know if anyone else wants a new SketchUp but I really want a new SketchUp make.

I want to get new, free flour because I don’t want to pay to mix, knead and bake bread. I don’t know if anyone else wants new flour, but I really want new flour for free.


I believe you can do all of that for free with SketchUp free on the web.

I think your kneads are different to his needs.


The reason why I posted this is I can’t export models in COLLADA without upgrading. What I wanted was to have SketchUp Make 2017, but have the ability to open newer .SKP files.


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It’s worth knowing that apart from using that extension you can upload newer models to the warehouse via a browser (meaning you don’t have to be able to open them) then download them in 2017 format. or collada if you are working with an even older version.
Or you could open them in the free web version and once again download them to your computer in an earlier format.

And all this free stuff from the evil moneygrubbing corporate entity that is trimble. Better keep these loopholes to yourself or they may cut them off.