I was given a messy terrain file, is there anyway to smooth it?


I was given a terrain file by my client (green model) and it’s polygons are all over the place. I think the person who built the file imported flown topography data from CAD or something. As you can see below, the surface of the terrain goes up, down, left, right. Not smooth. The white polygon mesh is a quick model I built to show how I’d like to make the entire terrain file.

As you can see, when I lay down a sidewalk it goes up, then down, then back up again. I need it to be smooth.

Does anyone know how I would do this? Are there plug-ins for this type of thing?

This is an example of what I am looking to do. Notice how the sidewalk is one continuous smooth walk-way.

Here is the land file I am trying to work with and smooth out:


In Artisan Organic Toolset, use the smooth tool on it. smooth


In your sample the path is still having to go up and down to follow the larger reaches of the terrain. I think what you want to do is eliminate the smaller ups and downs? I’m not aware of an extension that would do this automatically, I think it will need some input from you in the way of a line that can average those changes. A path built on that line can then be merged into the terrain, which will show buildup on some parts and possible valleys on others?


In this example I used the drape tool of the path profile (sandbox tools) to get the path on the surface. I grouped just the path surface and using the scale tool compressed it on the Z axis to average it. Parts were then above the general terrain and others below.

This can lead to some messy geometry. So another option is to drape the path, group it, use fredos offset on it to make it a little smaller. I then compressed it on the Z axis again and then used Fredos curviloft skin contours to make each of the sides into a connecting surface.

also there is this “instant road” plugin: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/instant-road-nui

that automates this process.


Careful though,… the smooth tool changes the terrain levels so if you have to maintain those for accuracy then unfortunately you have ti use it discretely…