I want to know how to apply round corner mapping

I worked on a rectangular object for the work of the sink object.
I applied the round corner plugin to his corners.
Even if you map like the picture and use the V-Ray planar function, it comes out like the picture. How to solve the problem?

Is only one face tilted at 45 (for round corner)?

Thanks for the advice. But why can’t I do it the way you told me… I’m trying this and that, but it’s very difficult
The higher the round corner value, the easier it is to handle smoothness.
As shown in the picture, the lower the value, the worse the result is.

The difference between 3 faces and 6 faces for the round corner

Normal map instead Bump map (test only)

Texture applied with Fredo ThruPaint extension to 6 faces for the round corner


thank you so much for the kind explanation
I succeeded in the way you told me
If I try again, I get bad results again. I’ll have to try it in various ways :slight_smile:

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