I want to apply a sticker on an object and I'm having a rendering problem

I hope this is the right place to ask for help.

I am currently modeling in 3D this object is an alarm probe and I intend to apply this kind of sticker with the company logo as in the image below

I made the sticker in Illustrator with the actual measurements, then I made a rectangle in SketchUp and applied this image as texture, all very well!


But after rendering the green color turns almost yellow!

Am I doing something wrong? Will there be any way for the green color to turn green without having to change it in Illustrator? I do not intend to change the company logo.

If you tell us your Rendering plugin that would help. Let’s assume VRAY. In VRAY you can just open your color corrections panel in the VFB (highlit in blue):

Then adjust the ‘Highlight Burn’ down and maybe adjust your white balance. This should help with all of your other renders as a full Highlight Burn (by default) blows out whites real bad.
Before corrections:

After corrections:


Thank’s a lot eric-s! That was it!


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Looks good now :slight_smile:

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