I use Medeek extension, but it's not working

Every time Medeek updates I have an issue with it working. I go to the extension manager and it says invalid signature. My license for needed is good until November this year.

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Unless you have set permissions so unsigned extensions won’t load, this won’t be a problem. Does the extension work when it has been allowed to load?

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The invalid signature is a known issue. The reason for this is because the checksum for the signature includes all of the files in the plugin folder when it should only include .rb and .rbe files. I have been requesting that this be addressed for a while now but it is still an open/unfixed issue. It should have absolutely no impact on the performance of the plugin or it’s functionality.

I use certain .txt files for logging and data. When these files get written to they invalidate the signature. You can safely ignore this.

When you update I also always recommend that you uninstall the current version you have installed first and then install the latest version.

Also check to see that your license is activated, see instructions below:

  1. Click on the Global Settings icon (three slider bars). The Global Settings menu is displayed.
  2. Click on the License Tab within the global settings. The License Tab menu is displayed with an input box for your serial number.
  3. Enter your serial number (case sensitive) and then click Save Settings button at the bottom of the menu. A popup message will appear confirming your license registration and the Medeek Seal will be displayed.
  4. Restart SketchUp for the license activation to fully take.

I make every attempt to maintain backward compatibility with older versions of the plugins however versions that are older than two years from the current release may be so dramatically different that some compatibility issues may exist.

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I need to figure out more details on what you are doing or aren’t doing. First I would recommend watching the first couple of tutorial videos which explains how it works:

There are hundreds of users of the Electrical plugin now so it can’t be that bad, if it was I would have a full inbox everyday and my cell phone would be off the hook.

There is probably a simple reason why it isn’t working for you, let me try to help and get you up and running.