I never received License from Sketchucation

Can anybody direct me to whom I may contact about not receiving a license that I purchased?
Yesterday I purchased three licenses from the Fredo6 collection, fredoscale,jointpushpull & curviloft. I received three confirmation emails but two of them were duplicates of one another. I received in a separate email for the fredoscale .scflicense, and then later in the day I received two duplicate confirmations for jointpushpull.scflicense.
I never received the curviloft confirmation!
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you post this question to the Sketchucation forum?

No I didn’t, still trying to figure out the forums. I will do that right now, Thank you!

Yesterday there was a weird issue with the SCF licenses sever-side, and a few licenses were issued wrongly or not recognized.
Fresh emails were sent out to anyone affected, so maybe your latest license related emails are the corrected ones ?
And perhaps the glitch affected the issue of your CurviLoft license file…

It’s unlikely that you will get a resolution here [this forum is NOT affiliated with SketchUcation.com] - post in a relevant thread there, or probably best - email support[at]sketchucation.com - with your info and details of your problem… and I’m sure it’ll be swiftly resolved…


Please let me know how you got on - I downloaded the same after watching Aaron and am having similar issues. Many thanks

Please post or email SketchUcation.com as I recently indicated.
As far as I know the server-side licensing glitch is resolved, but some users need to act on an email sent to them…
Others like Danajohn might have be affected by the issuing of licenses…
PS: I know that Danajohn’s missing license email has been processed a few minutes ago…

It’s best to deal with this issue over at SketchUcation…

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Will do.

You can also get a direct access to your license files from your MyLicenses page on Sketchucation.

The generic address is: SketchUcation | My licences

Once signed-in, you’ll see all your licenses and can download the license files.

The MyLicenses page is also accessible from menu Extensions > Sketchucation > My Licenses on Sketchucation.


To Tig, Guido, Fredo & ANSI … Thank you!
I have since received a copy of the license that I will install later today

I want to purchase a license for Fredo6Bundle2022 - is there a link with a purchase button?

The purchase button is in the License dialog box (button ‘Obtain License’), which you can display with menu entry Tool > Fredo6 Collection > RoundCorner > License…

If you click on the ‘Obtain License’ button, you will be redirected to the purchase page on Sketchucation, with the choice between buying the individual license or the bundle. Hereunder the price is given for Premium members (I am Premium on Sketchucation). For regular members, the prices are 12 USD and 40 USD.


Thanks, done.

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