I need to use my 2017 Classic, paid for version - says "Trial period is up"

I’ve been using SU since Version 2 and paid for it up through 2020, then decided 2020 worked just fine for me and got the perpetual license. (plus I really didn’t feel, at 70, that I was not willing to throw any more retirement money into my SketchUp mega investment already,

ANYWAY…I have two rendering programs that work just fine if I can feed them 2017 SU files from within SU. I’ve used them for years. They are integrated into SU. So for me to be able to use the renderers with my paid-for SU 2017, I need paid-for 2017 Pro to again run as it should…I don’t have the serial number/authorization codes any longer but my current ones for 2020 are: (admin removed, because you were effectively giving people your 2020 license)
It appears that all I need is the codes for my “paid-for” 2017 Pro
For some reason, the 2017 SU, which I’ve used a lot previously (and paid for) began to tell me that my TRIAL VERSION time was up and won’t run. As I think I said, it’s paid for. I need it to work…

Please help me out or direct me to the person from SU that can.
Thank-you, Christopher A Krupp
Cakrupp : user name

I will message you with your 2017 license details.

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Thank-you Colin:
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