I need to move most of the branches in a tree

I have downloaded a tree where most of the branches are off center to the trunk

I have tried grouping the branches and then moving them but that makes the model size almost double.
I have also tried intersecting the branches with the trunk. It does not increase the size of the model as bad, but this will take forever to intersect all of the branches and then erase the lines.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this effeciently
Chestnut Tree Trunk.skp (14.1 MB)

Might be easier to make a new tree model.

Yes, I might have to do that. I was hoping I could figure something out first. I do not know if I could make a tree that looks as good as this.

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Good time to expand your skills. Or maybe contact the author and see if you can hire them to make a tree to suit.

This doesn’t make sense unless you hit ctrl as you moved the group therefore making a copy.

I didn’t expect that to happen either.
Chestnut Tree Trunk group example.skp (14.6 MB)
Notice what happened just making one of the branches with all of its branches a group. There are over 20 main branches. Grouping them inceased the model size from 14,399 kb to 22,532 kb

Curiosity got the best of me… the tree is a mess…… agree with DaveR and Box’s comments. Is it fixable , yes if your patient and willing to spend the time. Curious how you plan to use the model. If it’s going to be in full leaf I’d be inclined to eliminate a whole lot of those upper branches……

Just a guess, but what increased the file size might have been the file’s undo buffer.

Have you tried copy/pasting the fixed-up tree to a new file?

The less than perfect nature of the geometry in the model is actually beneficial in this case, you can triple click all the separate parts of a branch to select them all and make each branch a group.


I am making a model of an American Chestnut tree. This is the closest I have come to one. Yes I am going to put leaves on it. I will try taking out different smaller branches and see what is most effective to get the look I want.

I just tried that. It reduced the size count to 19,000 kb from 22,000. thanks for the suggestion

For what it’s worth, SketchUp does not save the contents of the Undo stack in a SKP file (if that is what you meant).

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That is what I did in the model above. It increases the size of the model from around 14,000 kb to over 22,000 however. I am going slowly and using intersect with model. That seems to be the most effective way of getting the main branches to be on the trunk.

booneyrex, I didn’t have time to do more than have a quick look at your model yesterday. Box is on track with being able to triple click select the various limb pieces. Reason I asked about your plans for the model is unless the tree is the up close focus of the scene a lot of the small branch elements would never really be seen.
If I was dead set on fixing this I would proceed as Box suggested. Selecting manageable size branch sections. Grouping them and placing on a “limb layer” To get them out of the way as I work. Once all branches are grouped I’d begin reconstruction of the tree. Trimming branches of excess geometry and overall reducing the shear number of branches overall.

What Box suggested was the first thing I tried. But grouping all of the main branches and their sub-branches increased the model size too much. It is taking time to intersect the main branches with the trunk, but that seems the best way to get the look I want. I do want to do a close up of the tree that is why I am going to all of this trouble.

But it is good practice on using the Intersect tool. I am really learning how to use it.

Grouping the branches was a suggestion to make it a lot easier to work on the model. Allows you to temporarily move branches to another temporary layer so it’s easier to work on the individual branches. After fixing things you can explode the groups if desired. I’d also suggest just move the various branch ends so they are hidden inside the intersecting branch. If you run “intersect faces” on everything your going to add a whole lot more geometry to the model.

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong whenever I try to group the main branch and sub branches. But I just gouped one main branch and all of its sub branches, moved the main branch where I needed it to be and then exploded the group. This process added over 400 kb to the model size.

I know it was a slow process, but when I intersected the main branches, I deleted all of the extra lines it made. I was able to keep the file size down by doing this.

just pickedup this post…
atm busy changing your brenches into (121 so far) groups, and placing them on a seperate tag “brench”, but somehow my edited filesize went down from 14MB to 7,9MB!?


to be continued …

I would like to know how you got them to go down. Every time I have tried the file size went up. What steps are you doing? I was wondering if I was doing something wrong to cause the size to go up.

First i did explode a lot inside the first group/component for a ‘clean’ start, and moved the (grouped)trunk part to its own tag and turned its visibility off. Purged everything that wasn’t used and followed the steps below:

  1. created the “brench” tag and turned its visibility off (excuse my language should’ve been “branch”)
  2. tripple clicked a branch to select the complete branch
  3. right clicked selection & create group (not component)
  4. moved the group to the “brench” tag
  5. so far repeated steps above at least 118 times :wink:
    After saving the file noticed the change of filesize