I need someone in the Denver area to draw about a dozen parts

I need someone skilled in Sketchup to draw some parts for me, I would give them the parts and they would need to measure and reproduce them in Sketchup. I am in the Metro Denver area.

This depends on the complexity of the parts and the accuracy needed, but…

If you photographed the parts and gave a controlling dimension, like overall length, you could extend your search to the rest of the world.

Hi Simon,
I have the parts made and want to hand them to someone.Sending out photos is not possible. Patent issues, sorry.

Considering your proximity to the Sketchup head office it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Hi Box,
Sketchup head office? Where is that ?

I seem to think the patent office has special requirements so, make sure you get someone meeting their requirements. There have been some post but long time ago.

Thanks, Mac.
I have filed many patents.

In addition to what Box said, you will have a lot of SketchUp people gathering and passing by Denver in a month. :smiley: