I need some suggestions

Hi, I started to use SketchUp on June, and I made some research to recreate the Cabildo of Buenos Aires.
I need help or an extension/addon to make what I painted in yellow. Please! Thank you!

That’s the sort of thing that Follow Me is designed for.
Create the path, create the profile, then use the path to extrude the profile.



That’s good to know, thanks! I’m struggling with the curves now.

This is how I am by now…

Here’s a quick idea of how I would do it. You can be more accurate, I’ve just used the image as a rough guide, you could use the specific measurements.



That’s what I’m looking for! Thanks a lot! :sunglasses:

Hey that was interesting. How did you use the rotate tool to mirror the ridge. I have always only managed mirror by doing a copy / paste in place / scale tool pull and enter -1. You did some quick fancy rotate tool trick I cant replicate.

It’s just a radial array on the blue axis.