I need some help with this non solid


Ignore everything, just this part in the model.

Specifically the horse. Everything is considered a solid except for this. I tried very hard to make it a solid but I cant seem to do it. My teacher wants to print this tomorrow, but it is incomplete.

Solid Inspector says:

but now the eye is reversed…

and SuSolid says

I am not good at fixing what they told me from that plugin, I tried but I’m no pro and I put my whole model in netfabb as an easy fix but it messed up the entire thing so that wont work.

If you do want to help, please send the model too with an explanation please, I know that is not what the forum is meant for, but I kind of need help here.


Try this one.
You had some extra faces and internals, so I simply took the face and cleaned the edges then extruded it into a solid.
Horsehead.skp (367.7 KB)


Oh thanks a lot it really helped out.


Just a word of warning on that file, I copied it into a geolocated template by mistake so you may want to ‘Clear Location’ it in model info, just incase it behaves oddly in your model.


Thanks for posting the sample model. I’ve logged an issue for Solid Inspector and I’ll see if I can find the source of the false positives. https://bitbucket.org/thomthom/solid-inspector/issue/31/reversed-faces-false-positives

I’m not sure, but I wonder if there currently are issues with faces that has inner loops (holes) in them. Though it could be some other cause of this.