I need help with writing a script. The work will be paid

Hello friends,
I need help with writing a script. The work will be paid.

The task is as follows:
There is a component consisting of subcomponents. From this pile of subcomponents, certain ones need to be selected that contain an attribute with a given value. Then, other attribute values need to be retrieved from the selected subcomponents. After that, the values need to be grouped, the columns within each group summed, and the values displayed.

In other words, there is a component called “Nightstand,” which consists of other subcomponents such as shelves, doors, etc. The subcomponents need to be filtered by the value of a dynamic attribute. Then, the values of material, length, width, and thickness of each subcomponent need to be retrieved. These values exist in dynamic attributes. The retrieved values need to be grouped by thickness and material, in order to obtain the total area of materials.

I can provide a sample component upon request.

I hope I have explained the task clearly. ))

I’m sure you’ll explain more in response to people’s inquiries but writing a ‘script’ may not be enough information. You seem to have written a basic script written already in your description. As someone who writes 30-60 page scripts for each of our SketcUp Campus courses, I’d recommend telling prospective candidates: what is the script for? who is the audience? how long should it be? what is the final product (ie video recording, live presentation, etc)? You say you need ‘help’…does that mean you’re writing it and you need someone to review/support?.. or do you need to accomplish some larger task and someone writing the whole script for you is the help?

Do you need something like File > Generate Report or Open CutList ?

Ha. And here I thought the user was describing a process and needed help writing or clarifying the process. Glad someone out there was paying more attention than myself.

They may. I am just wondering why either the native reporter or the existing Cutlist extensions are not adequate. OpenCutlist can be extended with Ruby.

The native report generator can work upon a selected component rather than the whole model.

It’s nice to talk to interesting people.

CutList didn’t help at all. In OpenCutList, we solved our problem to a greater extent, but there are still many issues remaining.
Here’s a link to an example component: File Sharing and Transfer - Send Large Files via FEX.NET.
The main component consists of similar components.
This is how OpenCutList sees my component: Screenshot by Lightshot
Red rectangle - component dimensions can be taken here.
Blue rectangle - texture direction flag.
Green rectangle - component material.
Yellow rectangle - based on this flag, I plan to filter components in the model. I need to output parameter values only for those components that have the CUT flag and the flag value is equal to 1.

If OCL only displayed my components in the list and showed the list of materials used for my components, that would be ideal.
But I would be satisfied with a simple list of materials grouped by material type, material thickness, and the sum of the group.
For example, the information can be displayed as follows:
Material 1 (16mm) - 10 sq.m.
Material 2 (4mm) - 5 sq.m.

I need a specialist who will write the necessary script for me for an additional fee.