I need help with Sketchup in Google Earth


I’ve downloaded Google Earth on some laptops and I’m getting this message upon opening: “Google earth failed connect to database”. What is that?


Have you tried asking the Google Earth folks?
Perhaps this GE troubleshooter will help:



Thanks, but that’s link is to an automated form. I need real support.


That would come from the IT Administrator of your school.
It will help to show him / her the link to the aforementioned GE Troubleshooter

Here’s the result if you make the effort to fill in the form (3 easy questions … multiple choice)
You haven’t described your IT Admin’s role or network situation.
I went ahead and guessed at the answers… YMMV


No IT guy at my school:(.

I’m just wondering about the meaning of the message.


When you don’t understand an error message, Google the exact wording of the error message.
You’ll find you’re not alone and that the question has been asked and answered many times before.

There’s the MAPS/GE Help Forum

And there are other GE Help pages


Can’t find the problem for “failed to connect database” in Google Earth in a search. I’ve asked for help on their forum but no replies. Does anyone have experience with this problem?


Have you tried any of the solutions the GE troubleshooter offers?


From Google? Ain’t gonna happen.

PC - http://earth.google.com/getest.html
Mac - ping geoauth.google.com, make sure maps.google.com works.

or stalk the now-retired https://plus.google.com/+RobinZiegler/posts


Isn’t there a forum like this one?