I need help with oblique objects

Need help to make the whole surface oblique… I stumble upon a maximum ofset… Ive tried drawing the lines of the oblique i need but it wont get a surface… :frowning:
Can anyone tell me how to make non rectangle oblique object? See images to make my problem more understandible.
If possible/easier contact me threw skype. Gaetano Carretto (netherlands)

Hi, do you have a picture with what you are trying to achieve ?

@gaetanocarretto, I take “oblique” as referring to a surface that is inclined to all three axes. It seems to me that that’s not quite what you mean, though.

Please clarify. If you ask a specific, unambiguous question, I promise you’ll get an answer in kind.

The only thing that rings a bell for now is

That sounds like the Push/Pull command is encountering an obstacle. Try using Ctrl-Push/Pull if this happens.