I need help with modeling glare to the surroundings

Hey we are an sustainable architects office in Israel and we need to model the glare from a building to the surroundings. what is the best way to do that with SketchUp?

Thank you

I may be wrong but your question is a bit like saying you have a bicycle and what is the best way of getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in less than an hour.

In short, Sketchup is unlikely to be the right tool, though a high end renderer that uses a Sketchup drawing might be.

I ment’ is there any plug-in for that? or do you know any other software that is suitable for that?

AFAIK, there isn’t. I think the only light source you can have in SU is the sun and that is just for shading, not reflectance. So if you have a mirror glassed building to the north of another, the shadow cast by the southern building will not take account of the significant amount of light being bounced off the northern one (and which could largely eliminate any shading in real life).

There are renderers that can take this kind of thing into account but I suspect it would even then mainly be for illustrative purposes. I suspect you will need professional input if you want to estimate real world glare.