I need help on my 3d model

hello , i can’t find the 3d model of ’ la philharmonie de paris ’ on sketch up even thp i find it on google earth . help please

Is there something that leads you to think there should be a model of that building available as a SketchUp file? Google Earth hasn’t used SketchUp models for 3D building in Google Earth for about 10 years.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp Make 2022 but that’s impossible since there is no such version.

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GE relies on photogrammetry to propose its vision of the world but this does not contribute to quality modeling. The attached image shows the result seen up close. Unusable.
The building is too new to have been modeled under the Google Sketchup era. Only the architect’s office should have a valid 3d model but it would be very surprising if the Jean Nouvel agency shared it.


Kabak found it on SketchFab site. I also found it there just by using “La philharmonique de Paris” with Google.

The FBX file is free and can be imported in SU using the Universal Importer.


yes i think there is a sketchup file because all the buildings in front are available on sketch up
-sketch up 2021

i only found a section of it on sketchFab , can yo send me the link please

where can i find the usds file pls

i understand now why i found the model of the building on the attached image (cité de la music) on sketch up models , while i couldn’t find ’ la philharmonie’ . it makes sense now thank you

i found the 3d model on google earth that’s why i thaught i would mayeb find it on sketch up models. thank you again sir

yes i found this one but it’s only a section , where can i find the whole project please

You could model it yourself, the only thing you need is the measurements…
By the way, your forum profile is not correct. There is no SketchUp Make 2022…
Please update your forum profile with the correct information as that helps us to help you…

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That’s not a good indication that the building you’re after would be available in the 3D Warehouse. As I wrote, Google has not used SketchUp models for 3D building for 10 years or more. Unless some other SketchUp user modeled it for fun and shared it in the 3D Warehouse there’d be no reason to expect to find it.

Hopefully you’ll get a response from the author of the model file on SketchFab but if it’s something you need right away, your best bet is to follow @tweenulzeven and model it yourself.

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The file I had proposed was not interesting (unusable)
That’s why I deleted it

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