I need help, how to correct a misalignment of the green axis

Hello Sketchup community, I want to update this 3d model to fix some geometry error, it’s of a german world war 2 panzer III tank.

Unfortunately I encounter an embarrassing problem concerning the emergency hatch at the level of the body of the vehicle.

here are some screenshots to show you the problem, you can see that there is a slight mismatch between the crate and the hatch, however Sketchup tells me that they are well aligned.
I tried to adjust it manually but nothing worked.
Do you have any tips and solutions for me?
Here is the 3D model:
Caisse Panzer III B.F.skp (9.8 MB)

I use Sketchup Make 2017.
thank you for reading me, have a nice day.

Hi I took a look at your model. It’s really hard to know what part you’re talking about. The images aren’t clear.

But I took a look at the hinge part that’s attached to the tank and saw that the lines aren’t horizontal or vertical. I thought it was an easy fix but it’s not.

You will need to remodel that part completely with a style showing axes to ensure you’re keeping everything on track. Group the elements that you need to remodel and then use the [Hide rest of model] setting to isolate the geometry you’re working on.
Colour by axis style setting.

If you want more advice I’d have to quote you.

Good luck with it.

Hello, I solved the problem by recreating the piece.
Thanks for your advice, have a nice day.

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No problem. Glad you got it sorted.