I need help getting an image to work as a texture

I converted a .obj file to a .skp file using Quad Face Tools in SketchUp Make 2017. It came with a .jpg image and I saved the individual portions of the composite as .png images. When I try to apply them as a texture it does not work. When I tried to put the texture on the piece that I have shaded green. The texture was put on the inside of the model and that piece disappeared.

also I cannot figure how to insert the model in the forum, so someone can check out what is happening

You can just drag and drop the .skp file into the forum. Same way you added the screen shot.

Please complete your forum profile.

Frog_papermodel test.skp (704.3 KB)

thanks, how do I complete my profile

Click on your avatar, the B in the orange circle in the upper right corner of the forum page. Then the person icon below followed by Preferences.

I am not seeing what I need to fill in under preferences, it has my email and username

Go to Profile and scroll down.

Does this look like what you are hoping for?

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Yes, that is what I was trying to do. How did you do that. I have pictures of all of the rest of the frog, I need to do.

Why did it erase the piece and put the texture on the inside for me. Do you know what I did wrong?

First I exposed the softened edges in View>Hidden Geometry.

Then I right clicked on a face and chose Texture>Position.

I used the green handle to adjust the size of the texture to fit. And clicked on the texture to move it around. This takes a little trial and error but it’s easy enough. I started with the triangle at the back. Once I had it where I thought it would work, I right clicked on the face and select Done. Then I got the eye dropper from the Materials panel, sampled the now adjusted material and clicked and painted the rest of the faces. My first adjustment wasn’t quite right but I couldn’t tell until I’d textured a few more faces. Easy enough to go back and adjust it again and repaint.

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Thanks, I will give that a try. Dave, thank you for all the posts you have given over the years. This is only the second time I have had a problem that I have needed to post about. Usually I can find something you or one of the others have already covered.

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Good luck with it.

And thanks for completing your profile. That information is often useful when helping you and with it in your profile, you don’t have to remember to tell us which version and we don’t have to ask.

It seems to be working It is just going to take some time to get it adjusted right. Thank you

Good deal. It’s just a hobby, right? Relax and enjoy the process. :wink:


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Yep, that’s another way that works reasonably well for that texture. It will be more difficult to make it work correctly for the rest of the texture images, though.

How did you get the texture the right size to begin with?

I dragged the green handle out directly away from the texture making sure not to rotate it in the process.

That is for mihai.s. I don’t know how you reply to a specific person. How did you get the texture the right size to project it?

Dave how do you stop it from rotating. I am having trouble with that

Maybe you need to orbit the camera to a different position so you can move the mouse in the correct direction.