I keep getting frustrated with this program


Baptism Box.skp (545.4 KB)

Ok, I stepped back and looked over a few more tutorials and created a ritual to completely alter my mindset before starting a project. As such I knocked out this building everything including the hardware from scratch per hardware from Grainger. It is super rough and need help in a few areas (ugly follow me stuff) but I feel I have a couple boxes fewer frustration with Sketchup.
I’m open to feedback and suggestions to move forward taking this to the next level. Like I know I am going to have to redraw completely to explode this into construction drawings and such. If my employment challenges clear up I think I’ll invest in the Shop subscription. It’s not quite the deal I have on Adobe CC but it ok.

Finally, thank you to everyone for being patient with me and you willingness to read my rants. I thought at the very least this community would be willing to listen and give feedback.


It’s a good start. You have a lot of reversed faces that need to be corrected.

Instead of exploding it to make your Construction drawings, Create a new model and components for each part you would make out of a piece of wood or plywood. Easiest process would be to start with one large side. Make it a component, copy it and flip it to make the opposite side. Then draw an end panel, make it a component, copy it and flip the copy to make the opposite one. If you put the two long sides in the right places relative to each other, you can use them for reference for the ends and so on.

It should look something like this when you are finished.