I just magically deleted most of my Plan

Hi I just deleted most of a plan that I had been working on for hours.
I have tried zooming out to see if it’s just been moved but it definitaly gone Just as I realised this Sketchup decided to save it. So I cant go back to an older version.
I am Gutted !
I’m using the web version if there is anything i can try i’d appreciate advice,


Go to your Trimble Connect storage at connect.trimble.com and find your project file. Click on the the checkbox at the lower left of the pane and then look on the right side for History. Maybe there’s an older version.

Out of curiosity, what’s it a plan for? It might be that starting over might give you an opportunity to make a more efficient model, too.

HI there Dave
It Worked !
You just did me a big favour… I would never have found that on my own.
The plan was just for my new House and this is the third time I’ve tried. I had learned a lot and at least this one is accurate,
I couldn’t face starting it again.

Thanks again