I just bought Apple Mac Mini M2/8GB/256GB SSD and SketchUp Pro is crashing all the time

I just bought the Apple Mac Mini M2/8GB/256GB SSD and it’s on MACOS Ventura 13.2, I downloaded SketchUp Pro and it keeps crashing, I cannot use 3D warehouse as it crashed every time something is uploaded, and it’s just incredibly slow loading all the time. I went to Mac and they said it should be more than enough to run SketchUp, so I’m thinking there’s an issue coming from SketchUp maybe.

Also, I tried to reach out to SketchUp but I can’t even submit my form because it is asking for the serial number but I am on a subscriptions, so not sure where to find the serial anywhere that everyone on google says it is.

Hope someone can help me! Thank you!


Can you confirm that you have installed SU properly by copying the Sketchup folder in your application folder, and that you are not running it from somewhere else ? (external drive, the disk image, a cloud)

your configuration is good enough. so that’s not it. I’m running an older machine with zero trouble.

pretty sure you’re following advices that are years old, since the serial thing has been over for… 2-3 years ?
there is a simple “contact us” page at the bottom of the official website