I input a dimension for measure or length of wall but it draws at a different location/length

For example, I want a wall to be 11’-1" and input that length, but it draws at 10-7". The placement is off by 6-12" in each case. The exterior walls seem correct, only interior. Is there a preference I need to change?

Try input 11’ 1" instead of 11’-1" (=space)
Don’t clcik in the ‘Measurements’ field, just type at the appropriate time.

While using a drawing tool, see what the ‘Measurements’ box tells you about how to write your input.

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I tried it without the dash on one room and it worked. I will try the rest of the floor later when I have a chance. thank you!

Watch the Measurements window as you are drawing with the various tool. Pay attention to the way dimensions are displayed and use the exact same format.

thank you-working perfectly.

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