I imported something from the 3d warehouse (quick release) and changed the colour to default but it looks different. Anyone know how to make it look normal?

What’s normal? Share the SKP file so we can see the settings.

this is where i imported it from.

Why is it so hard to get you to help us so we can help you? Upload YOUR SketchUp file and describe what “normal” is.

Normal is the one on the left

One more time. Share the SKP file, not a screen shot.

Sorry, how do I do that?

Using the Upload button just like you attached the image.

You still haven’t told us what you are calling “normal”.

quick release.skp (2.5 MB)

Is this what you’d call “normal”?

Select all of the handle geometry and go to the Edit menu. Click on Unhide>All.

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Thanks for your help.