I have two computers running sketchup can I work on the same file (model)?

I saw a website offering sketchup free, sketchup shop. are they the same as sketchup make?

No. SketchUp Make is a desktop client program. That is, it installs on your computer. SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop run in your browser. Make and Free are licensed for non-commercial use. Pro and Shop are licensed for commercial use.

Currently Make is more full featured than SketchUp Free because it allows the use of extensions and plugins.

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See this Product page:
SketchUp for Web Free & Shop: SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

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In answer to your question in the thread title “I have two computers running SketchUp. Can I work on the same file (model)?”

The short answer is yes, but how you accomplish it depends on which versions you are using. The permutations are too numerous to describe without knowing the specific SU versions in question, so you should amend your post to include the versions of interest in your case.

You should also complete your User Profile. You neglected to identify specific information relevant your OS, Graphics Card, SU version, etc. Accurate profile information is useful in assisting other users to approach solutions to issues that you may encounter!

Could use sketchup for web and access it from two computers? what browsers do I need?

what browser should I be using?

Chrome and Firefox seem to support WebGL the best. Internet Explorer, not so much.

I don’t see why not. There may be an issue if you want to access SU for Web from both computers at the same time, however.

I understand Chrome and Firefox to be considered adequate browsers for Windows based systems.