I have this file that won't print correctly. I just don't know how to fix it

I made this emblem but when I go to print it out, it shows missing areas. I know it is something I did but I don’t know what happened. Also, I tried push/pull to make the back thicker (1/8") but it won’t extrude.

I know you experienced guys can fix this in no time but would you share with me what you fixed and how so I can learn what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for your help

Emblem.skp (750.7 KB)

Your model is located quite a distance from the origin compared to its size. I’d start by moving it to the origin. That will eliminate some confusing issues with orbiting. The emblem as a whole is small and you will likely hit SketchUp’s issues with small edges when editing it. Search the forum for the “Dave Method” to see an excellent way of coping with this.


If you look at Entity Info you will see that your emblem is not a solid. The SolidInspector2 extension shows that most of the problems arose because many faces that should stop at the recessed front part actually pass all the way through to the back face, creating internal faces between the front and back. All of the 3D text letters and some of the circles do this! A couple of the letters also leave holes between the interior and exterior of the emblem (so called “surface borders”). The main way to fix the issues is to erase the edges where these items cut the back face. That will likely create some leftover junk such as tiny stray edges you can delete and some face holes you can fix by retracing an edge.

An image is worth a thousand words… To have a solid, it needs to “hold water” like a pool or hollow mold for casting, and without all the internal faces and edges. Then add the back.


Also, if erasing/deleting the unneeded backside or inner geometry caused any of the extruded letter side faces to disappear, then try forcing the intersecting edges to better intersect by selecting all the raw geometry > r-click > Intersect Faces > With selection.

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Boy…yours looks better than mine!
Let me try your suggestions with the entity info. I never used that before.
Actually catamountain, that is EXACTLY one of the issues I was having trying to fix it.

I started over using Dave’s method. The steps are vague in the video tutorial, but once I figured out the steps it worked great!

Thank you for your help.

Emblem 1.5inch.skp (433.1 KB)

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