I have small parts

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My part in sketchup Make is 4.5 inches across and .5 inches thick supposed to be solid and have .250 thick letters on top of it . . I made into a group ( did a select all ) and when I add to Slic3r it is there and let Slic3r do its thing . . load to Repeiter-Host and Print it is only 3/4 inch wide and maybe 1/8 inch thick . . What the bleep is going on I have done both of exporting all and just exporting to a stl file . .
What is shrinking the file ?

Does “Repeiter-Host” expect the co-ordinates in the STL file to be in mm ?

ADD: http://www.repetier.com/#documantation

You need to understand that the STL specification does not have a units attribute written into the file. (Some software does write units into a description field.)

So the user must select the export units, based upon what the 3D Print company expects.

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Okay will try that . . Sounds like it might even work . . As the first one was like size of silver dollar with groups name on it and it was like almost invisable !

Dan, agree the basic stl file format is non dimensional per spec but the SU stl exporter is not. I have not seen any rational for why the exporter was written the way it is unless it has some thing to do with the native su dimensions and program is for Su use.
if you have time can you check the code and straighten me out?

The STL exporter is a public project

If you want a rule of thumb, it would say “always export using mm.”

Most if not all programs that handle STL files assume millimeters.


LMAO did that and it got SMALLER if that is possible ! . . went from 512 k DOWN TO 37 bytes . . Slic3r said file is empty can’t open it ! . . Wonder if I went to FEET LOL as it is 1.6 inches across with letters .250 tall on it . . . I Should have made them closer to 1/8 inch at most !
I saved it as first-one1.stl to see difference in size . .

Okay went to the Metric 3D printer box and it came out okay . . But now problem with printer or so it seems ripped the part off the bed about 5 or 6 layers in to it and I built a box to keep cool drafts off the bed has 9 inch tall walls
Part i warped means cool draft got to the part . . and the bed is heated at 65 degrees as per Slic3r settings for PLA Even use the wizard for making the part before letting Repeiter-Host play with it . . Maybe going to update Repeiter-Host and see what happens . . Redid part with a test run here is the part again2.gcode (408.9 KB)