I have remnants in my model that cannnot be deleted without losing the primary element

As a move items into hiding there remains elements of the model that do not delete without losing the primary element that was hidden. when i go to delete these ‘remnants’ the main item deletes. Opening the element to inspect it does not allow me to see the remnant lines.

Are you using layers to hide your “items”?


Yes I have but I have stopped doing so to get this dilemma figured out.

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Hi ppt, hi folks.

Maybe these items resides in groups or components. Deleting these will indeed delete the whole group or component where it resides.

Try a double click on the item to see if you enter a group or component context.

If this is the case, then select again the item and delete it.

Be aware that you might have nested components and that you may have to repeat the procedure.

Just ideas.



I had the same issue. Right click on the remnant and Select → Bounding Edges. Go to Entity Info and add it to your Layer.