I have a bug in the Pro 2021 version

I have a bug in sketchup Pro 2021. Is there a known update? I would love to get a link if so. Thank you.

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what if you tell about this “bug” ?

Yes, what’s the ‘bug’ and what is your specific version of 2021? Go Help/About Sketchup to get the full version info.

You’re right. Does not allow me to duplicate lines

You’re right. Does not allow me to duplicate lines. The version is SketchUp 2021

How are you trying to “duplicate lines”?

Have you tried to “duplicate lines” in 2022? If there is indeed a bug in your workflow, you need to check it against the most recent version. If it is fixed then you know it has been addressed. If not, then let us in on your workflow and we can either help you to track the issue down or fine tune your process so you don’t have the problem.