I had an issue with View of SketchUp

Hi guys
I have problem with view of sketch up, and when you look nearly at the model it was shown that
I appreciate your guidance
Version 13.0.4

• operating system?
• video card?
• driver version?

try if disabling “Windows > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware acceleration” helps, if yes your GPU resp. the OpenGL support (which btw is a system requirement) of the used driver is lame:

1.) update driver
2.) switch from the integrated video card (intel HD) to the dedicated video card by using the control panel if avail
3.) if desktop system: buy a decent video card (nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti → GTX 960 → GTX 770)

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In fact, just worked yesterday
Today it was
Use Hardware acceleration is turned off, but it not correct :disappointed:
win7 64bit
GPU :‌ Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 ( & AMD Radeon HD 6400m (
I do not have the ability to buy a video card :pensive:

there should be a control panel/tool for configuring SU to use always the Radeon.

if disabling the hardware acceleration doesn’t fix the issue it might be an issue with the camera clipping plane required by the OpenGL 3D display output.

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The clipping-plane occurs when you have very large objects, or objects far away from the origin in the model or inside groups/components.
It also happens if groups or components have their geometry seemingly near to the origin, but their own internal origin is far away from that.
This can occur with imported CAD models where the origin is retained and it might be several km from the geometry, or where CAD-blocks are made into components and there are major origin offsets.
Another issue can be seen if a CAD-block has been imported into a DWG at the wrong scale and the user has scaled the block rather than its contents. When that is imported into SketchUp its definition might be x1000 times bigger that the size of its placed instances [they are scaled down x1/1000], so a seemingly 1m wide door in the Model might actually be 1km in its definitions - causing SketchUp to choke when processing the instances…

Toggling Perspective on/off and re-zooming will often stop the clipping, albeit temporarily.

So to try and prevent the issue inspect your model…

Switch on all Layers, set View > Hidden Geometry ON, unlock any locked groups/instances: Select All, activate the Move tool, pick a logical point in the center of your model and type [0,0,0] + [enter] to Move everything to be sensibly located. Note that if you use a ‘,’ as your decimal separator it becomes [0;0;0].
Try deleting all guides.
Zoom extents - if the model shrinks to a dot, then something is far away…
Select All, then use Ctrl+Shift to deselect the main model by fence, what is left in Entity Info ?
A small rogue line far away can be ‘deleted’.
Repeat the zoom extents when editing a group/component as misplaced geometry inside those might cause issues.
Model Info > Components - switch on axes - see if any components have their insertion point axes miles from the component’s geometry, if so select the instance and context-menu > change axes…
Look at the images in the Components Browser - if it’s blank it suggests some issues with far off geometry/axes etc…

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Clipping & Missing Faces — SketchUp Help

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try it , thanks :blush:

Hi everybody!
I try my project in nVidia GeForce GTX 850 up o 4 gig
but not correct :pensive:
my model has true scale & small
I try my model in 5 different systems but not correct :pensive:
I need very urgent help :disappointed_relieved: