I get a surprise every time I open SUpro19

So lately I have been opening my project from the day before to see that layer0 is duplication and rearranging during the night. Almost like I have an elf on the shelf jumping in and rearranging (by a fraction of an inch) my flooring and walls.
Sounds weird and hard to explain but I’m going to try.
I first noticed it when I was exporting to Lumion 9, I had multiple faces on my layer0 (BIM Import) (the flickering and fighting to be in front look). Jumped in did clean up and returned, only 30 mins to clean and go.
Then the next day same issue, so I imported from an older file and placed in place the old model thinking it was a whoopsie I did a few days ago. no luck so I pulled the items in question (flooring) rebuilt it and then placed it back. Next day knowing I built it flat and with no hidden geo I looked and anywhere my walls intruded into a tile(36"36" tile each a component and then all comps grouped as one. There was 8 to 10 Hidden geo lines. Thought about it a while then saved it, closed it, a reopened it. The number of hidden geo lines doubled or maybe even tripled and the layer0 doubling came back but this time it was more than just layer0 it was the entire 3.4million lines or 1.8 million faces I should say had doubled.
Has anyone ever had an issue saving your file then coming back and seeing that it’s wacked out.
*also this morning I was building in on a prep kitchen and realised my dimensions are off. Checked a door frame with T and sure enough the darn thing was 17’ 8 5/8" wow. I have the model locked so that it stays geo positioned for Sun Surveys but can’t see how it could of scaled up.
Every night I run two Ruby cleanup scripts and then navigate the area to see if anything was missed by the team. This is nightly and then I save these to a different folder called LDD (last daily document) in case we have issues it is my fail-safe for ongoing troubleshooting.

Just curious if any others have this saving issue, not new plugins and no other issues I can point out just the three that seem to all link back to the reopening of a saved document.

To the best of my knowledge, it is impossible for a file to change itself, program running or not. In my experience this has never happened, with any file, ever, without direct user intervention.

I’d be curious to see this file and how you’re using layers, etc. there could be so many reasons this is happening that are perfectly normal and explainable by your specific workflow, but without more info it’s just guessing.

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Rewriting the file, Yes. I’m not sure anything can change a file in a .anything file. Although I have run into SketchUp issues simalure to this moving some CAD and DWG files into SUpro. I dont do sharing a file outside of Trimble also I run Win64 and I see you MacOS. I just need another track to trouble shoot. Anyone have a Ruby script they do to diag something like this.

Is it possible you have loose geometry on a layer other than layer 0? This can cause all sorts of unexpected interactions which are invisible while the offending layer has its visibility off.


What I’m saying is that your files aren’t mysteriously being altered behind the scenes. That isn’t a thing that happens. I’m saying that what is happening is most likely user error.

This is the official forum, and it’s a great place to share, even if it’s “outside of Trimble.”

I do run macOS, but I sincerely don’t think that is really the issue here.

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Most likely, when edges count doubles, you encounter one of the basic SketchUp rules:

Edges can exist without faces, but faces need edges!

So, if you have the edges that bounds the (flooring) face on another layer then the adjecting faces, and you do something to seperate them (assigning to other layer, moving (accidentally), etc) the faces that lost their original edges get som new ones!

Leave the active Layer (always!) Layer0,
Use grouping or Make component to isolate geometry(Layers are ‘visibility’ tags merely.

Import CAD file, assign it to any other layer then Layer0.
Lock the imported CAD file.
And draw by using the CAD file only as reference.


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