I draw a rectangle and then get bugsplat

hello, my I have solution for my trouble please (sorry for my english)

I use version 2021 and just draw rectangle but suddenly I got bugsplat.
it’s never happen before.

my notebook have dual GPU unit, i thought it’s happen bcause of iGPU, so I inactivated this iGPU and let gforce rtx 4050 go. but nothing change.
i’ve reinstall my win11, sketch up and uninstall all of plugins and nothing.

some advice please, thank you

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021 “Free Plan”. Does that mean you are using a cracked version?

Does it also happens with no external monitors attached and with the powe plugged in?

ow i’m sorry, is it free plan same as free trial ? i just thought like it.
i used 2018 version on my old desktop and now trying 21 free version before decided for my notebook. and yesterday it’s expired already.

i don’t use an external monitor, only monitor on my notebook

No. It’s not the same.

Why would you use 2021 at all? Install 2024 now and purchase the subscription.