I did an "update Model" and half of it dissapeared!

Can someone please help me!!
I as happily finishing off my layout drawing (first time I have attempted to do a construction drawing by layout and not Autocad) and I went back into my sketchup model to fix something up. When I went back into my layout and did “update Model” and half of my drawing dissapeared!!
I lost a few walls, a kichen bench, some of the floor coverings!! all a few bits of different layers…I have no idea what I have done and have tried to fix it but my lack of knowedge has me frustrated and completely stumped!!! and of course I was meant to show a builder my preliminary copy today AAARRRGGG!!!
I have attached my file links below and would really appricate some expertise in this

The current LO design is not at all intuitive. You need to set up views as scenes in SketchUp and reference them in LO. If you set up the views in LO and update the model you risk losing your views.

All scenes were set up in sketchup, everything looked perfect before I amended sketchup (not through layout) and then updated, which i have done sucessfully before…to be honest I am trying to think what I did…I saw a line I didnt want…i went into sketchup and it was on the “roof plan” layer and seemed to be a cut plane of the section , which I looked over, it didnt seem that it should be there, I didnt need it, so I deleted it…seem I did need it afterall…but after playing around and trying to fix and then trying to undo it just hasnt come back :frowning:

here is a screen shot of the pdf before

open the sketchup file
click on the scene labeled Roof Off
click Edit -> Unhide -> All
Several walls and a kitchen table will magically return to view

The items that are hidden/unhidden are remembered when you update a scene. So you’ll have to visit the each scene, unhide, and update that scene.

Save the file with a new name

sWilliams!!! You are a champion!!! thank you sooooo much WOOHOO!!!