I can't use Sketchup

I would thank for assistance:
I’ve a MacBook (I installed windows on it).
When I open Sketchup at the Macbook, There is an error comment which says sent error report and SKP is closed.
And I can’t use the software.
I don’t understand the problem.

Thanks for assistance.

You have installed the Windows operating system on an Apple MacBook? That is somewhat unusual. Therefore you are trying to run SketchUp under Windows on an Apple MacBook? Interesting. Regarding the error, can you capture a screen image of the exact message and post it here?

It’s not that unusual.

The difference is the hardware, and the drivers which make the connection between hardware and the operating system (here Windows).

  • If it is an Intel CPU (x86-64), probably many components are standard components also built into other mainstream computers. Still, you need to make sure that you have the correct and very latest drivers. Since Apple did not envisage this as a major use case, driver support from Apple may not be the best. Most often when SketchUp crashes, it is due to issues with the graphics driver. You should update the graphics driver.
  • If it is an Apple ARM CPU (M1, M2 etc.), you would have to run an ARM version of Windows and SketchUp in an x86-64 emulator, or run Windows x86-64 in an emulator virtualized on top of MacOS. To my knowledge these scenerios don’t work currently.

Thanks for sending in the seven bugsplats. Where it seems to be crashing suggests that C++ libraries may need updating or repairing.

In this page, not far from the top, are download links for the C++ redistributable. Try downloading and installing the x64 one:

Thank you all for your reply, I appreciate.
pls attached the comment error.