I can't subtract the surface when i try to import profile from dwg

Hi. I have an issue about subtract command and still can’t put off the second componant that come from on my dwg import to the model
SS-X103-001.dwg (105.4 KB)
test.skp (587.5 KB)

Please kindly help us to fix this issue

There’s a lot of small geometry in your model. More after using Subtract which will be a problem. Convert the extrusion to a component, copy the extrusion and the cylinders and scale the copies up by 1000x. Then use Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools or Difference from Bool Tools 2 on the large copies to create the holes.Don’t use the native Solid Tools. After you’ve finished delete the large copy and return to the original one.


You could also adjust the import options to cm, make the edits, then scale the result down by 0.1