I can't open the software recently!!!!

I can’t open the software recently.
I was able to open the software a month ago, but now I double-click it and nothing happens, no matter how many times I reinstall or clean the registry, it does not respond.
By the way, I recently updated the system to win10 preview.

I suggest you correct your forum profile, as some of the info there would be essential for answering your question. I really doubt you are running SketchUp version 1, and there is no such thing as a graphics card “1”.

Since nothing changes in SketchUp unless you install it, something else must have changed - most likely a bad graphics driver installed by the Windows 10 update. Particularly for integrated Intel graphics, this has been a recurring problem. It is better to get a driver direct from Intel.

thanks. However, I downloaded the latest version and installed it, but after clicking Start, nothing happens after the mouse turns around.